Polypropylene plastic bag


Polypropylene plastic bag is used for packaging, transportation and maintenance of various petrochemical, textile, agricultural and other products. The company, with the launch of a factory with a capacity of 1,800 tons a year, eliminates the primary need of bags for the Sugarcane Tosea Company and affiliated industries and other consumers in standard dimensions and sizes.


Polypropylene yarn production part:

In this unit, raw and dry polypropylene are mixed with additives such as paint, fillers and reinforcement, and enter into extruder, then melt and pass through the mold into a water tank whose temperature is automatically monitored. Then cooled down and ends up in the form of a thin plastic sheet. This sheet is cut into its own direction and is made into raw fibrous filaments that are stretched through the baking oven and bypassing the cooling cylinders, in accordance with the specifications required, it is stabled and placed on the spindle.


Bag manufacturing unit:

The Circular Weaving Knitting Machine of This section   is capable of producing bags of 35 to 85 cm in roll form. The produced rolls can be made Tailored to customer requirements, and cut at desired length, print, and then sew.

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