Types of polyethylene structures and fittings

Other products of this company are the construction of polyethylene structures and fittings according to the order in different sizes and shapes, including the following:

- Types of elbows from diameter 300 to 1600 mm.

- Types of tees in different size and angles.

- Coupler types that connect to the flange, from diameter 300 to 1600 mm.

- Types of manholes on customer order.

- Types of ponds and reservoirs (single and twin).

- Other types of fittings and polyethylene structures according to the map or sizes offered by the customer as double or single-wall.

Polyethylene manhole:
Low density polyethylene compared to concrete reduces the weight of polyethylene manholes compared to concrete manholes, and this is one of the major advantages use of polyethylene manholes. In marshy and sandy lands, due to the lack of proper Substructure, there is no danger of landing and drowning on the ground due to the low density of polyethylene manhole than water. The flexibility and resistance to impact of polyethylene makes polyethylene manholes have high resistance to impact during transport or installation.
The raw materials used in the production:
The raw material used in the production of manholes by Aban Bespar Tosea Company is of polyethylene material, HDPE pipe type and polyethylene welding in the case of seals of different parts together, and, if necessary, bolts and nuts and galvanizing washers is also used.
UV-Anti-radiation material:
According to the standard, polyethylene manholes must have a shelf life of at least one year. Therefore, polyethylene manholes must be resistant to solar UV. On the other hand, HDPE-type polyethylene products produced in the domestic petrochemicals do not have anti-UV additives and require the addition of other substances such as carbon black as anti-UV.
Dimensions and sizes:
Polypropylene manholes of Aban Bespar Tosea Company are available in diameter from 800 to 1600 mm and can be manufactured with the required height and with different parts.
Advantages of polyethylene prefabricated manholes:
- The installation time is much lower than that of a concrete manhole, so that a trench can be drilled in one day, and then embankment be done.
-  The lightness of the polyethylene manhole makes it easy to transport and install.
- The smooth surface of the polyethylene manhole prevents adhesion of the materials to the walls. On the other hand the cost of maintenance and washing is less.
- Resistance to various chemicals derived from sewage or soil is one of the unique properties of polyethylene manholes compared to concrete manholes.
- The flexibility of polyethylene makes it compatible with asymmetric subsidence of land and small movements.
- Stage and torus prediction in the manhole body without the need for staircase and torus building separately.
- The homogeneity of the manhole with the tube makes it easy to completely seal the network.
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