PVC Drainage Pipes With Synthetic Filter Cover


PVC Drainage Pipe


The development of production technologies and the lack of access to suitable sand in all regions and the increased cost of transport and applying, have led to a change in the production of drainage products. As the production of PVC drainage pipes with synthetic filter cover has expanded, nowadays, due to many advantages compared to other types of drainage pipes, it is widely used in many countries of the world. In Iran, according to studies and awareness of its benefits, the use of these pipes has begun in several national plans and demand for its use has increased. In this regard, in order to achieve the production technology of PVC drainage pipe with synthetic filter, inside the country, Aban Bespar Tosea Co., for the first time, has designed and manufactured equipment for coating synthetic drainage pipes.


The major advantages  compared to common drainage pipes:

- The low price of synthetic filters compared to the cost of providing and transporting sand filters.

- Reducing operations execution runtime by deleting steps.

- Reducing the cost of execution operation due to less volume of operations, drilling and excavation.

- Uniformity and durability of the coating more than the natural filter around the drainage pipes.

- Ease of entry of excess water into filtered drainage pipes and increasing the drainage efficiency of the land.

- Suitable for acidic and alkaline earths (wasteland).


Nominal sizes of PVC drainage pipes with synthetic filter cover 

Nominal Diameter (mm)

Roll Length(m)







Depending on the type of soil and its permeability, the type of filter can be produced in a variety of 300,400,700,900  and ...  percent of permeability.


The first manufacturer of PVC drainage pipes with synthetic filter cover thereby reverse engineering method in Iran and the holder of self-registration certificate for PVC drainage pipes with synthetic filter cover in accordance with the Dutch Organization Standard No. 7090 NEN. 

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