Concrete products and ready mix concrete

Concrete Pipes and Structures


The concrete products factory with more than 25 years of experience in the production of various types of pipes and concrete structures has a variety of products that have many applications in agriculture, industry and urban affairs, especially in the field of water supply of farms and gardens, drainage of soil, household sewage And industrial, landscaping and urban furniture.


ABAN BASPAR TOSEA Company is able to produce all types of pipes and structures of concrete and ready-made concrete in any way according to customer's requirements.


The plant, with two automatic batching machines (concrete production), is capable of producing all kinds of pipes and concrete structures and ready mix concrete for production with amount of 40 cubic meters per hour. In order to enhance the quality of concrete products, as well as accelerate the production process, the plant is equipped with a steam generator system.
After-production products are placed in a steam-saturated bath so that they will be of optimal strength due to the time required to be kept in the bath, in accordance with the relevant standard.


Some concrete products

Concrete Product Name


Reinforced and Unarmed Concrete Pipe 400-1200 millimeter in 2 and 3 class

Network, Sewage, Drainage, Collecting Water, Underground Water Canal


Manhole Installation

Cubic & Tubular Manhole

Drainage and Sewage networks

Separator Street Barriers (New Jersey)

Landscaping, Dividing Roads and Streets

Metal Pipes Foundation with Different Diameters

Control and Maintenance of Metal Pipes in the Pipe Network of Fluid Transmission

Concrete Slab in Various Sizes and Forms

installation in  Floor and Ceilings Concrete manholes

Prefabricated Concrete Bases

Replacing metal and wooden beams in the networks of electricity transmission and light pedestals

Inlet and Outlet Trap

Control of Input and output water Pond and water Channel

Canals, Prefabricated Bridge and Culvert

Transmission of Water, Covered creek, Canal Water Passing Under Road and Electricity Cable Crossing

Relief-Pressure Basins

Pressure Control in Water Transmission & Irrigation

Breaker dip structure

Speed Control of Water Channels With High Slope

Prefabricated Walls in Various Sizes and Shapes

Fender and Divider Wall for Landscaping and Advertising





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