Concrete Pipes and Structures

Concrete Pipes and Structures

Concrete Pipes and Structures

These products have many applications in agricultural and industry sections from irrigating farms, drainage of lands till house and industrial sewage.

Concrete Product Name


Reinforced and Unarmed Concrete Pipe 400-1200 Millilitre


Network, Sewage, Drainage, Collecting Water, Underground Water Canal




Manhole Installation


Cubic & Tubular Manhole

Drainage and Sewage


Separator Street Barriers (New Jersey)

Landscaping, Dividing Roads & Streets


Metal Pipes Foundation with Different Diameters

Control and Maintenance of Metal Pipes in the Pipe Network of Fluid Transmission


Concrete Slab in Various Sizes and Forms


Installation in Concrete Floor and Ceilings


Prefabricated Concrete Base


Replacing Metal and Wooden Beams in the Transmission of Electricity and Pedestals


Inlet and Outlet Trap


Control of Input and Output Water Pond and Water Channel


Canals, Prefabricated Bridge and Culvert


Transmission of Water, Covered creek, Canal Water Passing Under Road and Electricity Cable Crossing


Relief-Pressure Basins


Pressure Control in Water Transmission & Irrigation


Structural dip Breaker


Speed Control of Water Channels With High Slope


Prefabricated Walls in Various Sizes and Shapes

Fender and Divider Wall for Landscaping and Advertising





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