•  لوله های آبیاری تاشو<br /> (هیدروفلوم) جهت آبیاری مزارعو باغ ها
  • لوله های زهکشی پی وی سی<br /> تخلیه آب اضافی و انتقال آب به مکان های مختلف ساده و با فیلتر مصنوعی
  • لوله های پلی اتیلنی سنگین<br /> (کاروگیت دار و کورتیوب دار) انتقال فاضلاب های شهری<br /> و صنعتی، آب رسانی،آبیاری
  • انواع لوله و <br />سازه های بتنی و بتن آماده محوطه سازی و مبلمان شهری
  • کیسه های <br />پلاستیکی از جنس پلی پروپیلن بسته بندی، حمل و نقل و نگهدار

Products of Aban Baspar Tose-e

PVC Drainage Pipe

PVC drainage pipes are used for the purpose of draining 84 thousand hectares of sugarcane development co.'s lands in 1993. The factory with having more than 25 years practical experiences is the biggest pvc drainage pipe producer in the region. Drainage pipes made by pvc materials in 100, 125, 160 and 200 millimeter outside dimeters, with latticed and none latticed shapes are used in the leaching of dry lands saline, marsh, parks, irrigations, agricultural lands,

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PVC Drainage Pipes With Synthetic Filter Wrapping

Due to Innovation through hi-tech and practical experiences, the procedures of producing pvc drainage pipes have been changed. Nowadays the demands for using pvc drainage pipes covered with synthetic filter as compared with other kinds of pipes are becoming more and more. In manufacturing process, the bare drainage pipe goes through

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Polyethylene Collapsible Hoses Folding LDPE Pipes

Gated pipe is made by LD polyethylene and additives materials anti UV to protect against ray of the sun. These pipes can be used for surface irrigation such as farms and gardens. These products are provided 8 to 20 inches in diameters with less than one millimeter thickness packed in

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HDPE Corrugated & Spiral Wound Single and Double  Wall Pipes

This company is the first manufacturer of corrugated double wall HDPE pipe in sizes of 400 to 1200 millimeters IDs, in accordance with the standard for none pressure buried sewage pipes DIN 16961-ISO13476.Double and several wall Spiral Wounded (Core Tube) HDPE Pipes at profiles of K, S and fittings 300 up to 1600 millimeters IDs in accordance with the standard for none pressure buried sewage pipes ISO13476 & DIN16961 and Single wall Spiral Pipes 300 up to 1600 millimeters for high pressure.

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Concrete Pipes and Structures

These products have many applications in agricultural and industry sections from irrigating farms, drainage of lands till house and industrial sewage.

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Polypropylene Plastic Bags

Polypropylene plastic bag is used in packaging, transportation and maintenance of various petrochemical products, textile, agriculture and so on. With the launch of a factory with a production capacity of 2000 tons a year, the company eliminates the need for the sugar refineries and related industries and other consumers to make plastic bags in standard dimensions and sizes..

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